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Clever Monkeys is an innovative bilingual kindergarten whose main goal is to fully educate the child.


We invite the children from age 2 to 6 years to join the enhanced education group in Justiniskes (Rygos str. 17A, Vilnius). Our newly renovated premises offer everything new, including furniture, mattresses, and toys.

Kindergarten is focused on
comprehensive educational experience

At our dedicated kindergarten, our utmost priority lies in providing comprehensive training that encompasses a wide spectrum of skills and abilities. We are deeply committed to fostering the development of logic and critical thinking, emotional intelligence, imagination, creativity, self-expression, and speech in each and every child. To create an environment conducive to growth, we have meticulously curated a range of educational toys, logical games, group activities, and captivating learning experiences that include activities fostering creativity, cognitive experiments, observations, research, and enriching excursions. We wholeheartedly believe that through this holistic approach, we empower children to thrive and flourish in their educational journey.

Reading habit

We wholeheartedly strive to cultivate a profound adoration for books right from the earliest stages of childhood. Through our cherished ritual of reading fairy tales to children before they drift off to sleep, we unlock a world of wonder and ignite their imagination. Books hold the transformative power to nurture creativity, broaden horizons, enhance vocabulary, refine language skills, impart wisdom, and instill vital values within the hearts of young ones. As the great Albert Einstein aptly said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”.


English and Lithuanian
We provide education in two languages: English and Lithuanian. One pedagogue communicates with the children only in Lithuanian, the other only in English language. Many studies show that languages better to learn in early childhood.

The strongest educators which love their work

Recognizing the significant impact of educators during a child’s formative years, we place great emphasis on selecting the strongest and most dedicated individuals for our team. With meticulous care, we handpick highly qualified and passionate professionals who wholeheartedly love their work. Their enthusiasm radiates within our kindergarten, creating a warm and nurturing environment that inspires children to flourish, grow, and reach their full potential.

About us

Together with the best educators and specialists in our field, we have created a magical bilingual kindergarten, where we pay special attention to the child’s comprehensive education.

In kindergarten, we develop logic and critical thinking, develop emotional intelligence, pay a lot of attention to developing imagination and aim to awaken a love of books from an early age.

Circles in our kindergarten:

  • English
  • Music/theatre
  • Dance sports
  • Sculpting from clay
  • Chess

Educational methods

In our kindergarten, the educational process usually takes place in the form of a game. Children are not only playing spend time fun
 and creatively – the game is also the main educational tool for children.

Development of critical thinking and logic (chess, logical tasks)
Language development (reading books, discussions, conversations, fine motor skills: lego, sculpting)
Development of emotional intelligence (reading fairy tales, communication, games)
Developing imagination (reading fairy tales, art activities)
Inclusive educational activities and clubs: music, theater, chess, sports dance, painting and sculpting lessons
Expanding your horizons, getting to know the laws of the world and nature, getting to know the basics of physics (research, experiments, tests, observations, excursions)

Philosophy of education

Our education is comprehensive, meeting the various needs of the child. Therefore, depending on the need and the situation, we are guided by Montessori and Reggio Emilia ideas in education.

According to the Montessori methodology, we have many meaningful, educational toys that are useful for the development of a preschool child: various mosaics, puzzles, construction blocks, embroidery, flipping toys.

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