About us

Together with the best educators and specialists in our field, we have created a magical bilingual kindergarten, where we pay special attention to the comprehensive education of the child.

We play, draw, dance, sing and learn so much every day!
In our kindergarten, we develop everything: native and English languages, logic and critical thinking, emotional intelligence, musical ear, we expand our horizons, we get to know the laws of nature and the wonderful world. We pay a lot of attention to the development of imagination, self-expression, creativity and art. A book occupies an important place in our education – every day before going to bed we read interesting fairy tales to children.

We want to raise healthy, smart, thinking, conscious and happy children, and we can do all this by loving children unconditionally both in kindergarten and at home.


As a dynamic and forward-thinking kindergarten, our utmost goal is to provide a comprehensive education that nurtures the whole child. Within our program, we foster the development of logic and critical thinking skills, while also cultivating emotional intelligence, placing a significant emphasis on fostering imagination, and igniting a lifelong passion for books from an early age. With a steadfast commitment to holistic growth, we strive to create an environment that sparks curiosity, ignites creativity, and instills a lifelong love for learning.


Recognizing the remarkable language acquisition potential of children during early childhood, our educational approach incorporates two languages: English and Lithuanian. To optimize language learning, we have dedicated pedagogues who exclusively communicate with children in either Lithuanian or English, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in both linguistic worlds. This intentional language integration nurtures linguistic proficiency and fluency, empowering our young learners with the invaluable gift of multilingualism from the earliest stages of their educational journey.


We have carefully considered every detail in the educational environment: educational toys, logical games, groups, cognitive experiments and excursions – all this, together with the strongest and loving educators, helps to reveal the child’s talents and abilities, to raise a conscious person.


At our kindergarten, we prioritize the well-being of children by partnering with the esteemed Confetti company, renowned for its provision of wholesome meals devoid of artificial colors, chemicals, and added sugars. The dishes we offer are carefully prepared using high-quality ingredients, with a significant portion sourced from organic farms. Not only are our meals nutritious and delicious, but we also place great importance on their presentation, ensuring that they are visually appealing to the young ones, thus promoting a holistic approach that encompasses both taste and aesthetics.


Psychologists emphasize the importance of good educators especially in childhood, so we carefully select the strongest specialists: those who work according to their vocation, who know how to interest a child, stimulate his curiosity, help him find answers on his own and constantly inspire children to improve. The educational environment is also very important – a child reveals himself and grows only in a friendly and loving environment created by our educators.


As early childhood is a remarkable phase for instilling values such as self-respect, love for others, and a deep appreciation for the Earth and its inhabitants, our kindergarten places significant emphasis on fostering respect and admiration for nature and our surrounding environment. In our collective journey, we delve into understanding the laws of nature, nurture plants by sowing seeds, and actively explore the wonders of our surroundings. Additionally, we acquaint ourselves with fundamental principles of physics through captivating experiments and engaging tests, igniting curiosity and fostering a love for scientific exploration.


We deeply value the input of parents and strive to create engaging and diverse activities for children. Presently, our kindergarten provides an array of options such as music, theater, chess, sports dance, clay modeling, and painting lessons to cater to their interests. Moreover, we prioritize the cognitive development of the child, emphasizing activities that enhance fine motor skills while also ensuring the importance of gross motor skills by encouraging ample outdoor time.

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