We warmly welcome children aged 2-6 to join our enhanced training group in Justiniskes (Rygos st. 17A, Vilnius). Our newly renovated premises offer everything new, including furniture, mattresses, and toys.

Special offer (the offer is limited):
Monthly fee: 490 Eur  390 Eur;
Admission fee: 300 Eur 200 Eur (one-time);
Meals: 8.40 Eur/day (breakfast  1,50 Eur, lunch  4,50 Eur, dinner  2,40 Eur; when food is canceled in advance, there is no charge).

  • Music/Theater;
  • Dance sports;
  • Ceramics;
  • Painting lessons;
  • Chess.
* The price covers education and all necessary teaching materials. All activities are free except: music/theatre (6 euros/session, once a week) and dance (6 euros/session, once a week).”
* The monthly fee already includes a 120 EUR compensation from the Vilnius City Municipality.
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